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17 Days Away


17 days away. The day I’ve always wanted but began to dread once I grew comfortable in my current chapter of life. I can picture God staring at me, fully aware of my future, while I sit reminding myself that he has it all under control, even through I can’t see anything further than what he reveals to me.

In less than three weeks I have the privilege to graduate with my Masters degree rounding up the best 5 years I’ve had in my short life. Graduating from Undergrad last year brought enough bitter sweet feelings, but this is an entire new sensation I can’t explain. At my school, in less than two semesters, I have met friends who became sisters and brothers; I also discovered the root of many insecurities without being able to hide under a comfortable environment.

I find myself writing many reflective journal entries, similar to how I wrote every day leading up to my monumental 21st birthday.

Coming to Albany feels like a 10 month retreat God sent me on and said “Blossom.”

The transformation that occurs when I’m thrown in a new environment is always stronger than I could ever predict. In the area of poetry, God has made me see the importance of ministry and worship through the gift. He used several people to teach me in an organic way. I could never have planned that for myself.

Shot by: Temi Coker

I encourage you, If you’re feeling a desire to move, go to a new school, travel to a new state or country, don’t let fear deter you from it if it’s what God is calling you to. 

A recent message by Pricilla Shirer stuck with me ever since I heard it. She said ...

“The enemy tries to attach  fear to whatever God’s calling you to do. The enemy can not destroy you as a believer, he can only try to distract you and keep you from living to your full potential”

For her it was public speaking; for me it was ministering through my gifts and also cultivating my desire to impact lives in the area of education (what that looks like, I don’t know yet). All I know is, at 21 years old, I’m still coming to terms with the fact that my friends won’t live down the hall or simply down the street any longer. In 17 days I walk across the stage; I say goodbye to my temporary home and begin again for the second time with God guiding the way.

 Shot by: Temi Coker

Shot by: Temi Coker

"You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you,   all whose thoughts are fixed on you"

Isaiah 26:3


x: Anjola Coker