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To the White Woman Who Wants to be Black.


 "I'm not racist or anything but y'all have it so good. I mean look you can run really fast y'all are athletic; also y'all can easily stay on beat to music....if I could be black, it would be so much easier."

You are correct. I can't deny the ease to which my hands penned this response. It's a privilege to share with you the glorious benefits you miss out on by not being a part of this black card community. I recently renewed mine, and I can graciously pass on the information on how you may attain yours if you reach out to me personally. If you were to be black, you too could experience the ease I experience. It'd be so much easier, easier to be labeled as a criminal for walking down the street in your own neighborhood. It'd be easier to be suspended from school for petty actions. Yes you're correct. It'd be easier to be incarcerated in masses than your peers. It'd be easier to pray for the safety of family members every time they cross the boundary of your home's door. It'd be much easier to get denied that job you're qualified for because you have dreads. It'd be easy to get killed in the hands of police who cover up your death, it'd be easier to be 15 and watch your father's murder spread on news like wildfire. It'd be easy to run, because damn, ain't we been running our whole lives. It'd be easy to hang from trees, it'd be easy to be stripped of skin and culture then told to suck it up. It's easy right. Oh yes, it'd also be easier to have conversations with people who don't see you as human enough for your life to matter. In all the ease I experienced while writing this, I'm sure I forgot countless other things "The blacks" have it easy in. 

Oh yes, one more. Since you're interested in being black.

You should note. 

It's easier to become a hashtag.


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