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The IFÉ Project

IFÉ is an animated short series about love & life's journey told by African immigrants.


Stories from elders is a key component of West African life. In the mainstream media, African stories are often told in a one dimensional light. Rather than repeating stories of poverty and instability, I am using filmmaking and animation to bring to light the roundness of the people of Africa, especially Nigeria. This fused with my passion for celebrating love is what birthed this project titled IFÉ.

IFÉ means love in Yoruba. IFÉ is a short animated series that centers around stories on love and life’s journey told from the perspective of African elders.

I care about this community because as a Nigerian, I have seen that our stories are often told by others who have a limited understanding of our true experiences. Using animation I am telling the stories of African immigrants whose journey apart and together came with challenges, joy, and growth. This project explores themes like marriage roles, commitment, and cultural identity while fusing it with animation music and motion. We need to hear stories that increase global awareness for African Immigrants. This animated series highlights the journey of various immigrants who have navigated through and are committed to loving through it all.


The Impact

Not only will this project touch on the complexities and beauty of commitment to a person, but it will engage about cultural identity, immigration, women’s empowerment and masculinity. We aim to connect Africans in the diaspora, both those who moved at will and those taken by force.